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Understanding Your Unique Requirements we can help you find exactly what you are looking for;

Commercial Industrial Site Locators, Inc. (CISL) offers a full complement of integrated comprehensive real estate services. Our brokerage services, real estate property services, site location, conversion, acquisition and development services encompass all Property Types.

We are cognizant of value added redevelopment opportunities, under performing assets and distressed properties in need of redevelopment, and maximizing and utilizing excess FAR. We evaluate the benefits of a Mixed-Use Project, Planned Unit Development (PUD), or a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Project and the inclusion of self-storage as a possible or alternative component.

Brokerage Services and Property Services

Find a Property based on yield or cap rate, or for market penetration
Buy a property
Sell a property
Lease a property
Tenant representation
Landlord representation
Sell a business
Buy a business
Single Tenant Net Leased Properties
1031, 1033 Exchanges

We are land specialists!
Zoning land-use analysis
Locate correctly zoned land or buildings that will allow clients intended use.
Development Feasibility Analysis
Develop a property


Reposition underperforming assets (value added redevelopment)
Reposition a property to a Mixed-Use Project, or as a Planned Unit Development (PUD)
Dispose of surplus property
Conversion of a building
Joint Venture a property
Build to Suit
Project Management

Evaluate a property.
Evaluate the development potential of an underutilize building or vacant land
Valuation of the property
Valuation of the business
Pro Forma Yield Analysis for the property or business
Evaluate the balance sheet for the property
Identify and analyze the balance sheet of income producing properties for investment

Environmental services
Legal services
Create limited partnerships, joint ventures and syndications for qualified investors
Transaction services

Serve as an expert witness for self-storage
Serve as an advisor consultant for self-storage

Market a property
Auction a property.


CISL utilizes, regional, national, and international marketing databases, along with our internal proprietary databases, and provides regional and national brokerage representation throughout the United States in coordination and by arrangement with affiliated regional and national broker.

Research & Analysis

CISL utilizes a pallet of tools for research and analytics ensuring that we remain competitive by maximizing leads and anticipating adjustments in the real estate cycle. We offer comprehensive and research driven transaction solutions. CISL continues to seek ways to improve our service platform by embracing new technology and creative innovative thinking to provide state-of-the-art technology to support the delivery of value added real estate services to our clients. We work to find the best ways to best meet the needs of our customers and will continue to develop internal technology, while also staying ahead of the curve by forging alliances with other companies and third-party providers that are on the leading edge of new systems and technology.

Who We Serve

Since CISL founding in 1996, CISL has built and maintained strong relationships with an impressive list of strategic partners. In doing so, we continually strive to grow our long-term relationships with property owners, sovereign funds, corporate pension funds, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, private equity funds, institutional investors, REITS, and the international, national, regional, and local network of financial institutions, capable brokers, investors, entities, individuals, and joint- venture partners.

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