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Self Storage Site Location Acquisition Development

Recognition with Local Market Expertise

We are the go to company and recognized leader by volume and by number of close transactions in the region for finding self-storage sites. We have a superior track record and outperform the top national real estate brokerages in finding self-storage sites. Why CISL?  Because self-storage is our primary business, we are focused, tireless in our efforts, explore many avenues, and have tunnel vision for self-storage sites. Our edge above the national brokers is our in-depth knowledge of our markets complemented by our zoning, land use expertise, and our relationships. We leverage our knowledge of the zoning code and utilize little-known amendments and loopholes. We are only self-storage broker who goes the extra mile and digs deeper to locate self-storage sites. Unlike the other national real estate brokerages with a self-storage division, we are not focused on primarily selling existing self-storage facilities. We locate self-storage sites. Our national, regional and local clients have come to rely on our experience, innovative expertise, and proven performance. We just don’t provide sites. We provide sites where our pro forma analysis numbers work to meet your pro forma yield expectations.

Combined with our assumptions and analysis, we partner with and utilize the most respected, best talented, top tier self-storage third-party providers of self-storage services in the business to provide an exceptional suite of services and expertise. We utilize the best talent in the business.

We see Self Storage Development where others may not!

Experience and Results: since 1986, for over 30 years, CISL is exemplified by a track record of building real estate success and creating value. Since 199620 years and counting, our primary focus is self-storage, with 40+ Self-Storage facilities completed and counting.

Performance: built on innovation backed by technology and expertise, we provide alternatives and collaborative to facilitate resolution.

Relationships, Expertise and Opportunities: we know the self-storage players and third-party experts better than anyone else which opens doors to market opportunities that may not be available to others. We are creative and innovative and see self-storage where others may not. CISL successfully and continually partners to maximize value, develop great ideas and to develop partnerships.

Recognition: our total commitment to service, to be the best of the best has earned us a national reputation in self storage development and conversion . We are known nationally for local expertise. Our passion is our work.

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